Lennart | Head of Project Management

Great people create great solutions, so it´s all about people.

Business Unit: Channel Marketing

I do:
  • strive for outstanding customer project solutions
  • let experts grow
  • ask questions rather than telling what to do next
  • help to increase skills within the Channel Marketing team
Ask me:
  • anything about lean, six sigma, agile
  • if you are interested how we work in the Channel Marketing team
  • about project management @MSM.digital

Selected Cases

POS Marketing


Heating up the POS

AEG show kitchen roll-out

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POS Marketing


Shelf space to the max

Optimizing the consumer POS experience

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DevelopmentDigital SignagePOS Marketing

Merlin Entertainments

Gotta make you skreeens

Digital signage solutions for theme parks

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POS Marketing


Let there be light in the marketing plan

Visualization of marketing OKRs

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Experiential MarketingPOS Marketing


Train for security

Samsung cybersecurity trainings

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Channel Marketing

World-class retail experiences

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