Torsten | Co-Founder / Managing Director

I am digital. I am game.

Business Unit: group

I do:
  • help our clients to grow their awareness and business
  • know everybody in tech and games, that has reach
  • travel the world to learn about the latest trends in the digital hemisphere
Ask me:
  • anything that involves tech and gadgets
  • about business growth and life-hacks
  • nothing about soccer / football

For more than 20 years, Torsten has been a specialist for digital brand communications, social media, and online marketing.

Since 2001, he has been a serial entrepreneur in the communication industry. Torsten was founder and CEO of the agencies indigo pearl (2001 to 2013, merged into DELASOCIAL in 2013), DELASOCIAL (2013 to 2017, sold in 2014)  before investing in and co-founding the agency network in 2018.

Prior to this, he filled leading positions in several international companies in the entertainment and toy industry such as HASBRO, SEGA, and Computec Media in Hamburg, London and San Francisco. He thinks he is a global citizen, but we think he lives on the web… (ooopppss).

Selected Cases

Experiential MarketingPOS MarketingPRSocial Media


Making virtual reality a sales reality

European product launch for Oculus Rift

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