Client: Acer

Social Media Reboot

Community building for Acer

Combining gaming and social media expertise

Acer, one of the leading global vendors of computer hardware, asked us for support with their social media activities in the German-speaking region. With our long-standing gaming expertise and our fingers always on the pulse of the newest social media trends, is the perfect partner for Acer to build upon their existing social media activities.


The community on Acer’s social channels is comprised of a tech- and gaming-affine target audience who is used to an always-on communication approach. So it is crucial to show a strong presence on all major social platforms.

Levelling up

With local content perfectly hitting the tonality of the target audience, we entertain and interact with the social community of Acer. The result: a loyal, active and constantly growing brand community.

Kirsten, Dpty. Managing Director

Going all-in

What started on Instagram with the launch of the official channels for Predator Gaming and Acer GSA has now expanded to other social networks. In addition to Instagram, we are responsible for the official channels on Facebook and take care of the social media advertising.


In less than 6 months, we managed to further increase the Acer social community which is eager to interact with the brand – hitting the perfect tonality for the audience with specialized German content.

Similar but different.

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