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All one need is a pair of (AR-)glasses

AR-Showrooms: Disrupting product presentations

A new – immersive way to share your products

The AR-Showroom is built to break with today’s boundaries of the physical and digital world, to scale and expand the way how brands communicate their products & services to people.


The AR-Showroom is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces – the leading XR platform.


It allows you to engage collaboratively with ultra-realistic 3D augmented reality models. Digital animations and interactions present the opportunity to explain products more comprehensibly than the real ones. The 5G remote shared experience lets people dive into the presentation, without being at the same location.


The first shared (local & remote) multi-user technology based on Snapdragon Spaces premiered successfully at this year’s MWC2023 and has won many clients like LufthansaBORA or Lenovo.

Get real!

I have been working in XR space since 2012, but the reaction on our AR-Showroom by clients, partners, and customers who had that shared immersive experience was probable one of the best I’ve ever witnessed.

Camillo, Dpty. Managing Director

The AR-Showroom: the ultimate collaborative, eco-friendly exploration hub

Use cases for the AR-Showroom come from several areas:


Sales: a real pocked-sized showroom! As all it needs is a small pair of AR glasses (e.g. Lenovo ThinkRealityA3) in order to explore your product and services together.


Instructions & Training: The AR-Showroom is the most immersive presenter as you can show the product and features with animations and interactions like never before.


The AR-Showroom comes as a full white-label solution provided by You can either buy the whole app with custom UI/UX or you can buy the multi-user SDK for your own app.

Similar but different.

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