Client: Electronic Arts

Reaching young car enthusiasts

Creative influencer marketing for Need for Speed Heat

Creating a tailor-made influencer campaign

EA challenged us to find the perfect Influencer fit for their global ‘BEAT THE HEAT EXPERIENCE’ campaign and to create a tailor-made content strategy.


The main goal of our campaign was to reach out to a young, car-enthusiastic target group and gain back trust in the Need for Speed franchise as ‘Need for Speed Heat’ is the game every fan has been dreaming of and waiting for, based on the core-principles that made the series so successful and beloved.

Speeding up

Influencer marketing has one main currency: authenticity. Our Need for Speed Heat campaign with DNER really paid off, pushing the franchise back to the No. 1 position across Germany’s sales charts.

Nils, Dpty. Managing Director

Stunning VLOG as the heart of our content strategy

Our communication team analyzed dozens of influencers who could fit the profile. We were looking for an influencer with a young target group, is enthusiastic for all aspects of fast cars and enjoys high popularity. In this case, Felix von der Laden aka DNER was the perfect fit.


Together with Felix, we created a captivating campaign with several content pieces. The heart of our cooperation with Felix, who is especially known for his VLOGS, was his video about the ‘BEAT THE HEAT EXPERIENCE’ event in Miami, Florida. Felix, a real car enthusiast, explored Miami with a stunning Lamborghini that was designed by Need for Speed fans via the Heat Studio App.


The video was a massive success and surpassed 250,000 views on YouTube. Felix and his community enjoyed Need for Speed Heat so much that he started an entire series around the new Need for Speed videogame and his community loved it. In total, our campaign reached over 2,000,000 people, bringing more heat to Need for Speed.

Similar but different.

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