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Employer recruiting can be creative, too

Reaching young talents with influencer content

Influencer campaigning to support employer branding

How can we find good employees? How do we get interesting candidates to apply for jobs? These were the questions EDEKA asked themselves and with which they approached us in the spring of 2021. It quickly became apparent that traditional recruiting measures were not leading us to the goal. EDEKA wanted to get a better access to the target group. TikTok, Instagram & Co. needed to be integrated more strongly into the communication – also for recruiting. To achieve this, we developed a campaign that put local influencers in the centre of the application process.


Where many companies still rely on classic ad placement, our influencers found new ways to arouse the interest of the target group and direct them to EDEKA’s job offers at a regional level.


The courage to take new measures has been rewarded: During the campaign period, page views of the job landing pages increased fourfold. And in addition to new job prospects, EDEKA was also able to attract new customers to the stores.


Together with us, EDEKA looked beyond the horizon of traditional recruiting and sought access to new applicants with the support of influencers.


With success!

We love influencers!

It was a lot of fun to work with EDEKA on new, creative formats for employer branding and recruiting. The influencers were enthusiastic right from the start and this is also reflected in their content. Anyone can do normal!

Kirsten, Dpty. Managing Director

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