Client: Garmin

Physical fitness as a factor of success

Authentic involvement in esports

A contribution to the professionalization of the industry with esports player foundation

Garmin, one of the leading manufacturers of fitness trackers and smartwatches, challenged us with finding their role to the gaming and esports community. They understand that it is not about what esports and gaming can do for them, but how to add value to this ecosystem. Integrations needed to go beyond logo placements and passive branding while staying true to the values associated with the brand. We quickly agreed: Authenticity is key!


With the esports player foundation, we have found the perfect match for a partnership. The epf is a non-profit institution that focuses exclusively on the development of upcoming talents and professionals in esports.


By bringing its fitness expertise to the table, Garmin is actively driving the professionalization of the esports industry. As with any other athlete, physical fitness is imperative for esports professionals and is a scientifically proven factor for success. Together with the epf, Garmin will accompany the talents on their way to becoming professionals. Fitness hardware, custom-made training programs and personalized support for all talents will ensure that players are at their best when competing during tournaments, leagues, and events.


We are proud to have facilitated this partnership as well as having an active role in it.  Our tasks for Garmin include ongoing management, coordination as well as all related tasks for this and other gaming and esports partnerships.

Understanding the esports ecosystem

We are incredibly proud of what we created with Garmin and the esports player foundation. This program enables talents to become better athletes by improving their ingame skills through physical fitness and truly #beatyesterday.

Nikolas, Dpty. Managing Director

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