Client: HERMES Arzneimittel

Strategy first. Activation second.

Departure: Employer Value Proposition. Destination: Employer

Where to start the employer branding journey?

As a medium-sized group of companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market, HERMES Group combines the units HERMES Holding, HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL, HERMES PHARMA, and Bad Heilbrunner, with around 1,000 employees in total.


When building the HERMES Group there was a need for an employer branding strategy. Questions such as “Who are we as an employer?” and “How do we communicate the employer value proposition best to increase awareness and consideration among talent?” got intensified.

Shaping an employer brand

We used internal and external research to identify and develop a strong EVP that is authentic and resonates with talents´ preferences. The enthusiasm of HERMES Group and our colleagues creating and activating the EVP has been fantastic.

Maic, Advisor / Managing Director Nordics

An EVP is born and brought to life.

The first step for us was to work with the HERMES Holding team to build an employer branding strategy. As a newly formed group the HERMES Group had to start from scratch. We were asked to develop an overarching data-based employer value proposition for HERMES Group. Which in the next steps has been localized to two units.


As next step we drafted an EVP activation plan for HERMES Group and supported in the execution of the activities: We designed and developed the new group website that has a strong focus on employer communication. Furthermore, our social media team defined the social media strategy for the HERMES Group that became the basis for the external EVP activation on LinkedIn and Instagram.


Together with HERMES HR & Communication we bring the Group EVP on web and social media to life by portraying how it is to work at HERMES Group.

Similar but different.

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