Client: KPMG

Employer branding by the top management

What makes them tick & why they come to work every day

KPMG’s Top Management’s Personal Purpose

As part of KPMG’s global “PURPOSE” campaign, we were asked by the HR department to help with the second phase of the project: i.e., to capture (in video form) the individual purpose statements of 6 members of the executive committee/ board of directors at KPMG Switzerland. In this phase, the employees were asked to formulate their own, personal purpose. Questions like: “Why is your job making a difference?” and “Why do you come to work every day”, should stimulate the employees to think and from this they should formulate their “WHY”. Hence the name of the video project “MyWhy”. The campaign was primarily for internal and secondarily for external publication.


As an add-on to this project, we were tasked with designing the layout for a complimentary poster for all the other employees from KPMG Switzerland. An online template poster in a similar look-and-feel to the official videos, where each employee could now highlight their own personal Why(they work at KPMG).

Capturing the top management like never before

Our team managed to produce a series of top-quality, intimate, and authentic videos which really captured the essence of each person in a unique way.

Maic, Co-Founder / Managing Director Nordics

“MyWhy”: a 6-part video series and Personal Poster Campaign

We end-to-end produced six videos featuring KPMG Switzerland’s top management.

For the videos, we did everything in-house including:

  • Client liaison and project management
  • Storyboards
  • Copywriting (scriptwriting)
  • Camera crew on-site
  • Sound and lighting on-site
  • Producer and director on-site
  • Interview carried out by one of our team members on-site
  • Post-production
  • Sound design(customized)

For the posters we did:

  • Detailed concept: communication, preparation, formats, design, etc.
  • Graphic design of ten templates
  • Adjusting design to fit on eight different formats (social media posts and stories, print, XXL media wall, intranet and internal screens)
  • Client liaison and project management

The feedback from the client was outstanding: they told us that this was the first production that they felt they could relax as they felt we had everything under control.

Similar but different.

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