Client: Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox meets Oumi Janta

EMEA digital content creation

Capture the early 90s vibe with Microsoft Xbox

“Gaming and music belong together just like Series S and Game Pass,” was the motto for this campaign headed by Maxi Graeff, Integrated Marketing Lead Xbox DACH at Microsoft. She already had an amazing idea aimed at the notoriously unreachable Gen Z. All she needed to make it happen was a great (role) model in front of the camera, a capable photo team behind the camera, and reliable project management that gives its 100 % to it. And for that she came to us.


Our task was to find, brief and supervise the model, organize and accompany the photo shoot with all the entailments, set the perfect scene to capture the limited and very exclusive Xbox Series S inspired cassette player by Microsoft, determine the style and design of the photos, and subsequently create the assets that were to go online on the Xbox social media channels throughout EMEA. Time from brief to first photo shutter click: 4 weeks.

Passion Meets Professionalism

Managing this project was one of the most amazing things we’ve done this year. Social media icon Oumi performed just beautifully in our 90s vibe set up, perfectly setting the scene for the Xbox cassette player. A 10/10 experience, would 100% do it again!

Nathalia, Senior Account Manager

Pulling all the strings together, nailing an early 90s vibe

To get the best possible results, we tapped into our network of influencer agencies and production teams and came out with absolutely wonderful results. We were especially happy to secure model and roller skate trainer Oumi Janta for our collaboration, as she not only perfectly fits the style we were aiming for – she LIVES the early 90’s vibe with everything she’s got.


For the realization of the photo shoot we traveled with our photo crew, several stylists, the client and more to a Berlin based photo studio to set the scene for the main star: The Xbox Series S inspired cassette player should not only be put in the perfect light, but also find its place next to its big sister, the Xbox Series S console.


In the end we were rewarded with such a large selection of fantastic results that it was more difficult than ever to decide on motifs that would ultimately go online on the Xbox social media channels via Twitter and Instagram.

Similar but different.

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