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CREATE!byOBI inspires the Instagram community

Added value by influencer content

Creating content for social media and awareness in your target group are big challenges for companies and brands. Owned content doesn’t come cheap and – due to the lack of authenticity – often doesn’t deliver the desired results.


Obi realized this and started working with influencers at an early stage. With CREATE!byObi, the DIY chain offers creative ideas for people who are not construction professionals. This comes along with a change of the target group – and therefore, communication approach – on social media: The key focus wasn’t on DIY experts, but on users who haven’t yet approached this topic – thinking that they are not capable of realizing DIY projects by themselves.


That’s when our HashtagLove influencers came into play. We identified micro-influencers who are not part of the typical DIY community. With inspiring and creative content, they showed how easy it can be to design and create beautiful as well as useful things. The content not only reached new target groups via the profiles of the influencers, but was also used on Obi’s official social media channels.


Creative freedom is crucial for successful influencer campaigns. Our HashtagLove influencers show a high intrinsic motivation which results in enriching the cooperations with authentic and individual content. A fact that never cease to fascinate us.

Kirsten, Dpty. Managing Director

Authenticity is key!

With more than 200 content pieces, the campaign created about 30.000 user engagements – more than 95 % of them commenting positively on the products.


In addition to the increased awareness and engagement, the community also made good use of the often neglected save functionality on Instagram which has a strong impact on the platform’s algorithm – proving that authentic content is the key element for successful influencer campaigns.

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Similar but different.

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