Client: Ring

How to sell products that need explaining

Improving and managing Ring's in-store presence

Securing visibility and availability of Ring in stores was assigned with the task to establish a best-in-class instore presence for the Ring lineup of products and to improve the communication to individual stores and their staff.


Why? Better visibility leads to more engagement of customers with the brand and product and being prominently present in sales staff’s minds significantly improves the level of guidance they can give to interested customers.


Making sure that all relevant products are available for pick-up right after the purchase decision was made, is the final piece of the puzzle for a substantial sell-through uplift.

Let's work together

Getting in touch with the individual store managers and working together with them on the perfect setup went a long way in sustainably increasing store presence and sell-through.

Lennart, Dpty. Managing Director

Combining product-expertise with -accessibility

Having a dedicated field team of product experts visiting all relevant stores is crucial for making sure all requirements are met and all potential for improvement on store level are timely identified and can be addressed.


Our team worked with department managers on the ideal placement of Ring on the shelves, supporting the visibility with display installations tailored to the individual store’s needs and potential.


Ongoing product- and sales-trainings for all store staff helped them to better understand the consumer benefits of Ring products to ultimately enable them to make better and more credible recommendations to the customers.


Defining individual stock levels for each product and the store together with the buyers, increased effectiveness of the given shelf-space, and additionally reduced returns of old stock by better planning the individual demand based on the store location and customer profiles.

Similar but different.

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