Client: Snakebyte

Pebble Gear™ content and influencer marketing

Social media strategy for snakebyte

How to bring children products to market via social media

When gaming gear manufacturer snakebyte expanded their portfolio into uncharted territory with the Pebble Gear™ kids tablet – a tablet directly developed for children – they had to overcome several hurdles. The brand was new and, therefore, completely unknown, with no target groups, channels and no awareness to build upon.


Having worked together on several projects before, snakebyte welcomed our Communication unit on board in a very early stage of their launch campaign activities to rely on our social media and PR expertise.


We managed to implement a campaign specifically targeted on tech- and social-media-affine parents and convinced them of the qualities of snakebyte’s newest gadget by reaching them on their favorite touchpoints.

Gears of Wow!

With the Pebble Gear™ campaign, we performed a flying start from having no brand awareness at all to influencers proactively applying for our campaigns in a matter of weeks.

Kirsten, Dpty. Managing Director

Content and influencer marketing

We have been in charge of all social media communication including the editorial planning, social advertising, and influencer marketing, as well as expanding the digital touchpoints by newsletter marketing. We have launched brand profiles on Facebook and Instagram where we entertain the ever-growing community with marketing-relevant as well as local assets – offering added value for our target group.


The launch campaign also included an influencer campaign executed through our in-house influencer platform HashtagLove reaching hundreds of micro- and macro-influencers.


With our communication strategy, we gave Pebble Gear™ the awareness the products deserve – ready to make a large impact on the market.

Similar but different.

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