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How to use Google ratings for local lead generation

Development of a reviews and rating strategy

Online ratings have a significant impact on purchase decisions of consumers – not only for online shops. They can also have a great significance for local businesses due to the facts that 88 % of all internet users read Google ratings and that search results heavily depend on the location of the user. The user ratings displayed in the Google search results are often the first impression a user gets from a local shop and, thus, can severely influence the decision for or against a first visit.


Many local businesses, however, still do not tap into the full potential of Google ratings for the generation of new customers. They are missing a thorough reviews and ratings strategy that covers the administration and management of user reviews as well as concepts to increase positive content.


The Förde Sparkasse did not put a focus on this topic, either. mapped out the status quo, presented best practices and showed the implications of Google ratings in a strategy workshop with the client. We developed concrete actions for optimizing user reviews that increased the competitive position of the Sparkasse Förde in the short, medium, and long term.


Based on this, we implemented a company-wide reviews and ratings strategy that included all necessary workflows as well measures to sensitize the employees and to activate customers to create more positive reviews.


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Let me Google this for you

When used appropriately, user feedback can unfold a high potential for the generation of new customers. With the strategy created by us, the Förde Sparkasse now has all the right tools to get the most of the Google ratings of their customers.

Maic, Advisor / Managing Director Nordics

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