Client: Electrolux


Virtual reality for Electrolux dishwashers


At the point-of-sale, all dishwashers look the same: From the outside, it is pretty much impossible to spot any differences – and since it is a very developed market, it seems like there are hardly any differences on the inside as well.


We were challenged to come up with an idea to differentiate AEG dishwashers and showcase their features and benefits in a modern, thrilling, and yet easily approachable way.


The idea: to show how a dishwasher really works – in virtual reality.


Follow the journey of the water and truly experience the benefit of the outstanding cleaning and water-saving technologies of Electrolux products.

A product experience like no other

Using the latest and greatest in virtual reality, our developers created a photorealistic simulation of what´s going on inside a dishwasher. We came up with a highly emotional experience – and people just love it.

Sven, Account Manager

Extending the customer experience with virtual reality

We wanted to showcase how a dishwasher works, in real-time. Just as if you could sit in a dishwasher and watch the magic.


For the execution, we decided to use the world’s most advanced graphics engine “Unreal” for photorealistic visuals. We recreated the look, the functionalities, the animations.


But we even went one step further. What if you could virtually place yourself inside a dishwasher? That’s what we accomplished in virtual reality.


Put on a VR-headset and jump straight into the action of the dishwasher. A great statement for Electrolux as a brand. A modern way of benefit-communication. And a fun experience for everybody!


Similar but different.

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