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Digitizing your way of learning

Linking printed and multimedia content

Connecting printed and digital content more easily

Ernst Klett Sprachen, part of the big German publisher Ernst Klett Verlag, were looking for a contemporary way to connect their textbooks with multimedia content. The previous solution, i.e. the use of CD-ROMs, was too expensive and inconvenient. Furthermore, less and less people own a CD-player – so it was crucial to come up with a new technology. A technology which precisely identifies thousands of book pages and displays the correct content on the one hand, but also offers an easy-to-use content management system for the vast amount of connected content.


With CouplAR, our content enrichment and management app, we were able to provide Ernst Klett Sprachen with the perfect tool for their challenge. The app recognizes book pages via a visual search camera and directly displays the corresponding assets to provide added value for all students, teachers, and language schools using the books.

A textbook case

Over the course of 5 years, Ernst Klett Sprachen has been using CouplAR for over 1,000 books – numbers rising. CD-ROMs and the associated costs have been replaced by our far more cost- and resource-efficient technology.

Sven, Managing Director

Revolutionizing multimedia content management

We’ve managed to develop an easy-to-use and fun way to explore educational content by simply taking a picture. Users will immediately see all relevant content for the page, this being AR, video, audio, web, or gamification content. While the students and teachers might lose a few less calories because they won’t have to carry as much material to school every day, we reduce the waste problem with making book + CD bundles obsolete.

The innovative backend offers Klett’s content editors an intuitive tool to create, adapt, and distribute the content. A state-of-the-art reporting tool provides valuable insights about which pages and which content works best and is used the most.

Our leading AR, app and visual search experts have simplified teaching and learning by providing an easy-to-use app and a performant backend to track the success of this simplification revolution.

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