Client: Migros

An AR wildlife experience

MIGROS augmented reality loyalty campaign

Bringing collectible stickers to digital life

MIGROS, Switzerland’s biggest retailer, frequently conducts loyalty campaigns to drive sales and to foster their customer relationships.


In the second half of 2019, MIGROS got together with nature TV channel Animal Planet to create ‘Animal Planet Mania’, a campaign that teaches both adults and children about native, exotic and endangered animals across the globe.


The idea of the campaign is as simple as effective: For each 20 CHF spent, customers and their children get collectible stickers as incentives – and the chance to win exclusive prizes.


To spice things up, MIGROS asked to develop a concept that digitally expanded the campaign – offering MIGROS customers a new user experience with a dedicated website as well as gamification and augmented reality mechanics.

A digital experience on another level

We’ve succeeded in creating an entertaining solution leveraging on AR, web, and gamification. Through our digital components we enriched the analog sticker collection and made it interactive, lasting and a special experience for MIGROS customers.

Maic, Co-Founder / Managing Director Nordics

Leveraging user experience through AR, web, and gamification

To make the campaign more vivid we designed and programmed a campaign-specific website and an in-app Unity AR solution which were integrated into the Migros Play app created by our cooperation partner Apps with Love. As a supplementary tool the interactive website hosts additional content such as educational videos and fun browser games.


Our state-of-the-art augmented reality solution brings animal to life in a fascinating new way – right in the living room of users. Thirty highly collectible stickers trigger either video or AR content – with interactive animations that look like their real counterparts and that delight children and parents alike.


Our leading AR, app and web experts have succeeded in extending a well-known campaign mechanic with an innovative new hook to keep customers coming back for more.


And the experts love it, too: The app has won a 2021 Shop! Global Award and was nominated for the Best of Swiss App Master Award as well as the German Digital Awards.


Want to know more? Then get in touch with our project lead Maic to discuss the right AR solution for your product or brand.

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