Client: Brother

A new customer experience with AR

Virtual product presentations for Brother

Establishment of a new virtual sales channel

Presenting heavy and bulky products has always been challenging for companies. Often industry-specific trade shows are the only platform to showcase and distribute such products.


When the 2020 printing trade fair FESPA was canceled, one of the most relevant sales channels for Brother’s B2B segment was no longer available. Brother was confronted with the challenge to find an adequate replacement for presenting their products to their B2B target groups – without any direct personal contact.


The answer: a virtual product presentation – powered by our augmented technology AR-Link. AR-Link uses the full graphics power and the potential of the visual AI of iOS and Android to visualize 3D objects in more lifelike detail than any other AR solution – without the need for a specific app.


The integration of AR-Link into the company website of Brother now allows easy access to the 3D objects via any sales channel. We offer Brother’s customers a product experience similar to real-live showrooms. And even superior due to the fact that the 3D model can be placed in the working environment – showcasing the space-saving design of Brother’s new printer.

Brother in ARms

Brother made a virtue out of necessity by using AR-Link – not only finding a more than suitable replacement for trade shows, but opening up a new, innovative sales channel.

Sven, Managing Director

Similar but different.

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