Client: Microsoft

There´s only one chance for a first impression

Development of an e-com shop-in-shop platform for Microsoft

Creating an integrated shopping experience

Everybody knows Microsoft and their iconic products. The tech giant usually offers their range of hardware and software products through e-shops of retail partners. Therefore, distribution of data sets into diverse technical landscapes is necessary. It is not only required for design-related e-shop features, but for real-time pricing as well.


For Microsoft, we’ve developed a powerful tool that allows Microsoft to deploy data to e-shops and to manage and maintain outlets in real-time. We refer to the result as an ‘e-shop-in-e-shop’. Some of the retail partners were so impressed by our solution that they´ve even allowed us to use their in-house API – a premiere for a solution like ours!


Customers are happy as well: They benefit from an increased user experience including a digital advisor which guides them to the product they´re looking for.

The best of all worlds

Our brand-shop offers the best possible solution for Microsoft, retail partners and consumers alike: easy to maintain for Microsoft, perfectly tailored to the requirements of the retail partners, and an optimized shopping experience for the customer.

Lennart, Head of Project Management

Similar but different.

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