Client: Merlin Entertainments

Bringing entertainment to the consumer

Skreeens digital signage solution


The Merlin Entertainments Group is one of the world’s largest operators of family entertainment attractions with more than 66 million guests per year. They have implemented a wide network of regional retail partners who sell branded merchandise.


These partners rely on Merlin Entertainments to constantly provide them with content for their shop displays and want to always be up-to-date and offer attractive call-to-actions for people passing by.


For this, Merlin Entertainment needed a system that could deliver relevant content on their partners’ screens which can be easily maintained and changed remotely.


The solution: Our digital signage tool ‘skreeens’, which we adapted to the client’s specific requirements. Now Merlin Entertainment has easy control over its content shown in the shopping windows and other screens using the tool’s backend and can also rely on quick support from if needed.

Message received

The first results of partner stores, where the ‘skreeens’ system was installed, have been showing significant increases in the usability as well as conversions compared to other partners, who did not use our digital signage technology.

Lennart, Head of Project Management

Similar but different.

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