Client: nespresso

More overview for more success

Optimizing marketing OKR processes

Turning Data into visual information

Nespresso, the leading brand for coffee capsules, needed a more modern approach to measure and visualize their marketing objectives. The aim was to collect and evaluate current marketing processes and mechanics as well as KPIs to define the guidelines for all further activities.


In order to get an overview on the whole marketing process of Nespresso, we created a mind map with all necessary information regarding the ‘Objective & Key Results’ and got in touch with all stakeholders to create an extensive overview of the status quo.


We evaluated the current stages of the marketing processes, identified internal and external contacts and collected how-to-descriptions, etc. and then poured all this data into a visually appealing and easy-to-use manual collecting all current marketing OKR and KPIs.

We have a winner!

What started as a 'simple' visualization job now has evolved into so much more – the marketing Holy Grail for Nespresso, to onboard new marketing experts, to see where optimizations are possible and to discover new marketing opportunities.

Lennart, Head of Project Management

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