Client: Anker

The perfect fit – headphones and festivals

Experiencing products where customers are

Creating a unique brand space for festival visitors

We were hired by Anker Innovations – the mother brand of soundcore – to design and execute an impactful activation that would create a memorable experience at the Lollapalooza Berlin Festival and solidify soundcore’s position as a leading player in the audio industry.


The objective: To increase brand awareness and generate interest in soundcore’s latest product offerings, the Space Q45 and Space A40, among festival-goers.

Turning up the volume

Bringing soundcore to life at the festival was a highlight for our team. Our successful execution showcased the brand's superior technology and left a lasting impression on festival-goers.

Sven, Dpty. Managing Director

A tailor-made concept

Given the tight deadline of just a few weeks, we worked closely with the soundcore team to quickly plan and execute the activation. Utilizing our expertise in event production, we came up with a tailor-made concept, scouted all necessary suppliers, and managed all necessary permits and approvals.


We transformed an Airstream truck into a soundcore-themed experience space, featuring product demos of the Space Q45 and Space A40, a flower wall for visitors to take selfies, and comfortable beanbags for visitors to relax and enjoy the music. A mobile phone charging station was also provided to ensure festival-goers could stay connected throughout the day.


The activation was a resounding success, attracting thousands of festival-goers and generating hundreds of social media posts. The focus on creating a feel-good spot that allowed visitors to use the noise-cancelling technology in a loud festival environment resulted in increased interest in soundcore’s products and solidified the brand’s position in the audio industry.

Similar but different.

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