Client: Meta

Making it real: a VR sales success story

Oculus European product launch campaign

Developing an omnichannel launch campaign

From time to time a ground-breaking new technology or product enters the market that has to be experienced to be believed. Oculus, the Silicon Valley based Meta-owned brand, which aims to deliver virtual reality at a global mass-market scale, is a prime example for introducing a mind-blowing product that consumers wouldn’t have dreamt of.


And as Meta was well-aware of the ‘wow-factor’, they asked us to help them launch their products and brand in Europe as their lead agency to cover public relations, social media, point of sale activities, showroom installations, and experiential marketing initiatives.

A new perspective

We created a true omnichannel campaign: From generating awareness, stimulating purchase to customer bonding, and creating thousands of brand ambassadors – we have all bases covered!

Torsten, Co-Founder / Managing Director

Covering all touchpoints of the customer journey to increase sales

We went all the way for our client Meta by combining all touchpoints of the customer journey. We used PR to announce the product and to continuously spread the word about the newest content and games. Via Facebook, we reached out to potential buyers directing them to a microsite to arrange personal appointments for a product trial. At the POS or during shopping mall and truck tours, our promotional staff convinced consumers of the product, and turned the potential customer into a happy buyer and brand ambassador.


Since 2015, we’ve been managing the campaign in multiple languages in Europe across our Communications, Channel Marketing and Brandmates units.


With a phenomenal success: Meta is now THE brand in Virtual Reality and probably the best-selling VR device in Europe!


We love VR! So, get in touch with Niko and Torsten, our product launch and VR experts – in VR, or give them a call right now to find out more!

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