Client: Electrolux

Let’s get the POS cooking

AEG / Electrolux show kitchen campaign

Helping AEG / Electrolux to create a unique customer experience

Despite the ever-increasing predominance of ecommerce, traditional retailers still have one distinct advantage over online shops, and this benefit is offering consumers a positive live experience at the POS. Especially for premium brands such as Electrolux / AEG, one of the leading traditional manufacturers of household goods, this can have a crucial influence on the customer journey and purchase decision.


When Electrolux planned a show kitchen POS campaign for their AEG brand, they needed an experienced partner for the nationwide roll-out, installation, and maintenance.


This included the installation of the kitchens – in compliance with the strict German regulations for the handling of electrical devices – as well as the coordination of on-site maintenance tasks with retail partners. With our online reporting tool, AEG had real-time access to the current status of the project and could directly follow all steps we undertook.


After the successful completion of the campaign in Germany, the project was extended to events in several other European countries.


To collect feedback and product reviews from AEG customers and event guests, our promotion teams were trained and equipped with tailor-made technology solutions. They could gather valuable information to gain customer trust in new products and uplift sales.

Let’s get the kitchen party started …

During the campaign period, Electrolux managed to increase their retail presence in all major outlets – offering consumers a unique product experience and stood out from their competitors.

Lennart, Dpty. Managing Director

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