Client: AVM

Making network technology tangible

Retail installations for a leading network technology supplier

Create the perfect POS experience

AVM is the market leader in network technology in Germany. Therefore, it is of high importance to represent the brand properly at consumer electronics retailers across the nation.


The challenge was to develop a concept that is both affordable for an extensive rollout that could be adapted to any retailer’s requirements, but that also delivers an impression of high quality to stay aligned with the premium products offered by AVM.

Everything fits

With the AVM shelf system, we created a whole new customer experience and made network technology tangible for every consumer. Resulting in more awareness and, ultimately, increased sales.

Lennart, Head of Project Management

Combining simplicity and design Channel Marketing took up the challenge and developed a design that fulfills all the requirements given by the client as well as the market’s needs.


A modular display system in different sizes and configurations allows any of the different products to be adapted to the displays. Exchangeable visuals offer a fully customizable design that is quickly adaptable for new campaigns and product releases.


Lastly the small fixtures offer an optimized use of the given shelf space and may be used for any sizes of available shelf space.


The result is a system that offers the best of both worlds: offering an optimized user experience for consumers – with the limitations and rules of today’s retail stores in mind.

Similar but different.

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