Client: Parrot

Supporting Parrot to sell more drones

Dedicated product displays in key stores

Securing an adequate shelf presence in key stores

After major strategic and organizational changes leading to a strong focus on very few selected products, Parrot strived to win back its place as a leading brand for consumer drones at retail.


In a category mostly dominated by one premium brand, convincing buyers on a store-by-store basis to support the product was one key element to securing a decent shelf presence and adequate sell-in.


One key element to the store presence is an eye-catching product presentation which immediately attracts the consumers interest.

Launch succeeded

With our approach we managed to provide Parrot with the shelf space – and thus, the customer awareness – their products deserve. A first, and maybe the most crucial step, on a successful customer journey, which will finally lead to increased sales.

Lennart, Dpty. Managing Director

Inspiring buyers to support the brand and the products

In order to secure a sustainable footprint at the stores, getting dedicated shelf space was the first challenge which needed to be tackled. Our approach was not only to sell-in products, but to convince buyers of the quality, showing the retailers the revenue potential of Parrot products if they are marketed correctly.


We worked closely with the sales team and identified a list of key target stores which are crucial for the success in the market as well as accounting for the better part of the total revenue potential. Based on this prioritization, our team of brand experts led the negotiations on cluster- and store-level and arranged product and sales trainings for store staff to not only get their support, but also support them in selling the products most effectively.


The team succeeded in securing a dedicated shelf presence with POS displays and appropriate stock ordered in most targeted stores within the first eight weeks of the activity and opened up several stores which were until then exclusively selling drones of the top-selling brand with no competitors being available at all.

Similar but different.

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