Client: Coop

Transforming the way consumers queue

A digital queuing system to optimize the customer experience

Making waiting in line fit for purpose in today’s digital landscape

We might not think about it much but waiting our turn to be served is a significant part of our day-to-day consumer experience. Still, around the world, even today, this key interaction is based on a paper-based take-a-number-system. Meanwhile, smartphones are crucial in our daily lives, from shopping to banking, work emails to watching our favorite shows.


Using a digital queuing system allows for much better customer flow management, customers can wait anywhere and even carry out other tasks while waiting. For clients of Kvicki Q, using an online management system also provides key data on customer interactions, which can be used to optimize staff efficiency and service quality, therefore ultimately improving customer satisfaction. Especially in the situation arisen due to Covid-19, Kvicki Q promotes physical distancing, helping to reduce the risk of virus spread on-site.


So, if it is likely we are already all on our phones while waiting in line anyway, why not utilize them in the process? This was the thought behind Swedish start-up Kvicki, to modernize the queuing system in a sustainable and easy way. Swedish retailer Coop agreed, sustainability being a key part of their identity and the time being more right than ever due to the necessity of physical distancing.


Thus, Kvicki Q was born. In partnership with Kvicki and Samsung, developed a QR-code-based system which places customers in line via URL on their smartphones.

No more waiting for innovation

The goal of our development of Kvicki Q was clear: Bring the queuing system into the modern era to give consumers a better experience, improve sustainability, and give retailers the insights they need to streamline and improve the process.

Maic, Advisor / Managing Director Nordics

A user-friendly system for consumers, an effective tool for retailers

We have developed a user-friendly and innovative way for consumers to queue. Customers see their current place in line as well as the number currently being served. Kvicki Q also allows for ads to be displayed towards customers, engaging them with content in a new way.


Through ‘The Lab’ (Kvicki Q’s backend content management system) clients have access to the usage statistics, allowing for optimal planning of staff and ultimately leading to shorter waiting times for consumers.


Our goal was to make Kvicki Q as scalable and easy to use for clients as possible. Our white label approach means that clients can easily customize the consumer interface to their corporate identity. Our highly scalable terminal system allows for any number of POS installations, and multiple queues at one terminal, all manageable through a single interface. The system is completely independent, with no API integration necessary, allowing for quick and easy incorporation.


The result is a solution that is redefining the way customers interact with staff while fitting perfectly into today’s retail landscape.


Similar but different.

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