Client: Microsoft

Content creation for techies and retail pros

Microsoft ExpertZone social media strategy

Developing a b2b social media strategy

The Microsoft ExpertZone is the platform to inform retail pros and sales staff about Microsoft products and how to use and / or sell them.


Microsoft GSA challenged our social media experts to create a brand-new social media approach with the goal to reach out to their audience as well as to gain new members for their community.


The result: With the revamped strategy for the Microsoft ExpertZone social media channels, we are going one step further. Not only do we offer a platform for B2B communication, we also have created a community that lives its passion for Microsoft on social and transfers it to the consumers.

Experts at work

Who says Facebook and Instagram cannot be used efficiently for B2B topics? By focusing on video content that is relevant to the target group, we were able to increase the engagement rate of our messages by a factor of 50.

Timo, Dpty. Managing Director

Establishing our very own Microsoft Experts with custom-fit content

With the Microsoft ExpertZone on Facebook and Instagram, we are exploiting the full potential of social media. To reach retail pros as well as pro-consumers, we created video content formats to increase the target group’s interest in not only Microsoft products, but in how they can be part of the Microsoft ExpertZone community.


We have been building a strong community of Microsoft pros and established them as Microsoft influencers with a close connection to potential customers. This enables us to better understand consumer requirements and intensify service at the POS.


With success: Right from the start of the project, we reached a social engagement rate of up to 1.6 % – up from the 0.03 % before we took over.



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