Client: Can Do

Make It sell Itself!

A marketing strategy for an SaaS product

Redesigning B2B marketing

A long-established company and technological forerunner rolled into one – this is Can Do. For the first 15 years of the company history, their resource and project management software had been reserved for enterprise clients, because of vast amounts of processing power and large server rooms needed for the complex AI. The rise of cloud computing not only means a substantial technology shift, but also totally new and extended target groups – and with this, a new marketing approach.


To offer Can Do extensive support walking down this new path, all of’s units worked together in close collaboration with the sales and marketing teams of Can Do to form an interdisciplinary team to create and implement the perfect marketing and inbound sales strategy.

There is no Can’t Do!

During the conception and realization of Can Do’s new digital marketing strategy, we could demonstrate one of our biggest strengths: extensive and interdisciplinary client services profiting from the combined expertise of our units.

Maic, Advisor / Managing Director Nordics

Built from scratch

We started with a detailed market and target group analysis and identified target segments and buyer personas. This laid the foundation for all further digital marketing activities.


The next step: transforming the ‘company Can Do’ into the ‘brand Can Do’. For this, we performed a client survey targeting brand awareness. From the results, our marketing experts – together with Can Do – derived the USP, the company values, mission, and vision which, together with the target segments and buyer personas, found their way into the new marketing strategy.


To make sure that, from now on, the marketing would be on par with the new strategy, we devised a marketing playbook acting as ‘the Bible’ for all further activities.


The first concrete task that built upon the new strategy and that we implemented for Can Do was the relaunch of the company website. True to the motto ‘Make it sell itself!‘, we refreshed the design and integrated inbound marketing tools for lead generation. Interactive elements and video content bring more life into the website and help to present the content in an attractive and concise way.


Similar but different.

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