Client: Microsoft

A new sales experience

Rollout of the new MISX design furniture

Revolutionizing POS experience

Microsoft was looking for an even more efficient and yet attractive way to present their devices and third-party products and, thus, increase sales at the POS. So the new MISX furniture concept was born.


MISX is a premium shopping experience in which merchandising first- and third-party products need to be clean, concise and best-in-class. It is designed with a lighter, more premium look with these features:

  • Attract customer attention and increase dwell time and product engagement
  • Showcase seasonal product updates and sales strategies
  • Flexibility to land in various floorplate configurations
  • Provide retail pros with storytelling moments and 1:1 interaction


MISX fixtures are designed as a modular ‘kit of parts’, allowing us the flexibility to configure fixtures within any floor space provided by Microsoft partners.

Rolling, rolling, rolling

In the last 12 years, we have been supporting Microsoft in planning and implementing the rollout of new furniture concepts. We are clearly the experts in rollout and technical support on the floor.

Lennart, Dpty. Managing Director

Rollout execution

Our rollout experts set up the new MISX tables in the areas determined by Microsoft with MSD. After the installation, our team sets up the devices identified in the planogram and secure them so that the customer can experience the features and the haptic directly in the store. Then the designated assets and accessories are placed in the intended places.


Once the space is complete, a detailed report is shared with Microsoft. The most important spaces are managed by promoters who also assist with the installation of the area.


An important point in planning rollouts is close consultation with Microsoft and the retail partners. We provide support with technical questions and the implementation in the store.


For more than a decade, we have been supporting Microsoft with our longtime experience in POS rollout – making us a crucial asset in the retail management of our client.

Similar but different.

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