Client: Microsoft


Training and building the Microsoft experts community

Developing a B2B experts training program

As a global leader in hard- and software, Microsoft operates in a constantly changing business segment. Products which were the most innovative ones in the market last year are not much more than electronic scrap today.


This represents a large challenge for the training of sales and support staff – internal as well as those of external partners – who continuously must be kept up to date of the newest developments.


For Microsoft, we set up special sales personnel for the retail business and provide continuous online and offline training for their constant development and can thus deliver a high degree of professionalism and quality.

One-stop solution

With the b2b trainings, the ExpertZone community, and the retail shop-in-shop areas, we are providing Microsoft with a holistic service that is focused on increasing the consumer experience at the POS, resulting in higher conversions.

Lennart, Head of Project Management


For more than a decade, Channel Marketing has been working closely with Microsoft to empower their employees to use their skills in a targeted manner and thus actively contribute to their business success. No matter if employees from the retail or commercial sector – with individual and targeted sales and skill trainings, we support employees to recognize and develop their potentials.


Due to the long-time collaboration with Microsoft, we are always in direct exchange with the global Microsoft headquarter – resulting in a first-to-know-basis that guarantees the topicality and efficiency of our work for Microsoft.


Combined with the maintenance of the social media channels of the Microsoft ExpertZone, we have been continuously building a community of loyal brand ambassadors which positively impacts the brand experience at the point-of-sale for customers.

Similar but different.

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