Client: UBS

Virtual Treasure Hunt

Gamification of employer branding

Creating a new employer awareness campaign experience

UBS wanted to create awareness for their 2022 apprenticeship programs in Switzerland. In the crowded space of Swiss banking, UBS needed a way to grab the attention of their Gen Z target group. UBS also wanted to involve their bank branches in some way as they are the workplace for potential apprentices. Therefore, the campaign needed to be something different, interactive, and fun with scaling potential for future campaigns.


How did we achieve this? We know that this target group loves:

  1. Gamification
  2. Interacting digitally
  3. Spending time on their mobiles
  4. Winning prizes (who doesn’t?!)


Out of this, the UBS Virtual Treasure Hunt was born. A vatom-based treasure hunt concept which addresses both the target group and UBS’ requirements.

Awareness Gen Z Style

By leveraging on new and engaging Vatom and AR technology the treasure hunt campaign we created was an innovative way of raising awareness of UBS as an employer among a Gen Z target group.

Maic, Advisor / Managing Director Nordics

Gamification with state-of-the-art AR mechanics

Using web-based AR/vatom to create the game meant it wasn’t necessary to download an app to play. Players followed the link from social ads/website banners/QR codes and were directly in the game via their mobile browser.


The goal was to collect 3 virtual UBS diamonds by visiting UBS branches and getting to know a bit more about UBS as an employer.  Once 3 diamonds were collected there was the chance to win a cool daily prize.


In order to familiarize players with the AR part of the game, the first diamond could be dropped and picked up wherever the player was located. The second diamond could be collected by clicking on a link to read more about UBS apprenticeships. Finally, players had to consult the geolocation on the map within the game & pass by a UBS branch to find one of the diamonds close by.


We created an immersive and interactive gaming experience that was both fun and informative for the player.


In addition to creating the game, we supported UBS with content pieces for promotion of the game. We created videos for social media channels, web-banners for careers websites and even e-screen ads.


Thereby supporting the marketing, visibility and familiarity of the game.

Similar but different.

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