Client: Tech Company

An escape room for sales staff training

Playful knowledge transfer for retail persons

A new approach for B2B trainings manages various ambassador communities with different retail partners for an internationally active IT company. The communities act as brand ambassadors for the brand and thus play a significant role in leveraging sales. For a large retail staff community, we implemented a two-day digital kick-off event in early June 2022. The challenge was to convey knowledge about the products and services in a playful and interesting way, thus deviating from the classic training format. We created a special experience for the participants: an escape room which playfully challenges the knowledge learned during the event. took over the entire project management, from the conception of the escape room to the graphic design as well as the content creation to the technical implementation and moderation during the live event. In-house development ensures that the entire concept can be adapted to a wide variety of topics and target groups.


Divided into groups, the community explored the escape room together, solving the hidden puzzles and discovering the numerous easter eggs. Thematically, the escape room was based on the company’s product world as the home of a family of three. Each member of the family uses certain products of the company and needs the support of the retail staff. During the event, already more than 70 people trained with the escape room how to support customers in their respective requirements for the products and services.

Training gamification

An escape room is ideal for sustainable learning: Thanks to the immersive and interactive world, theory is transferred into a real-life situation. Discovering and playfully solving tasks is fun and strengthens the team spirit.

Lennart, Dpty. Managing Director

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