Giving your print products the digital edge

Business Unit: AR / VR Labs

Print is not dead, it has evolved! With CouplAR, our content enrichment solution, you can add any kind of digital content to your printed media and offer your customers the benefits of both worlds (analog and digital).

There is no more need for QR-codes or expensive and outdated CD-ROMs. With CouplAR, your content is always up to date and accessible everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you want to spice up your textbooks with audio files, show a tutorial video, or add a competition to your merchandise product – any kind of printed media can be linked with digital assets. Share a web-link, integrate audio or video files, or link to an email template – CouplAR is content management tool and interface in one.

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Ernst Klett Verlag

AR, the new page turner

Content enrichment for textbooks

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Your virtual zoo

Enhancing CRM mechanics through AR

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