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AR / VR Labs

We extend your reality. AR / VR Labs focuses on delivering state-of the-art extended reality experiences via augmented and virtual reality. We support our clients and optimize the overall customer experience by enabling them to experience the product portfolio of our clients in revolutionary new ways.

Our AR / VR expertise helps increasing your brand awareness – generating more customer loyalty and sales.

Faces of AR / VR Labs

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Happiness is not a checklist.


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We live in a computer-generated world.

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Good morning problems, are you ready?

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Reality is relative…

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I work with Flash! Don't panic.

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Virtualiy > Reality

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I'm on a coffee

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Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

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Talk is cheap. Show me the code. Macedonia – CADLaif

Creating new worlds.

Since 2010 CADLaif creates virtual worlds to lose and comfort yourself in.

We support you in telling the story you want your consumers to hear to fully immerse them in your brand experience.

What we are proud of:

Selected AR / VR Labs Projects

AR & VRDevelopmentPOS Marketing


Inside the dishwasher

The VR journey of a waterdrop for Electrolux

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AR & VRAR-Link


Try before you buy

Extending the product experience with AR

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AR & VRDevelopmentCouplAR


Your virtual zoo

Enhancing CRM mechanics through AR

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Ernst Klett Verlag

AR, the new page turner

Content enrichment for textbooks

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