Client: Electronic Arts

MILLIONS of teenagers

The Sims 4 videogame social media campaign


EA challenged us to create a new approach addressing the fanbase and potential new users of the legendary The Sims franchise. The target group is different to the core gaming audience of EA. The core demographic of The Sims consists of mostly teens with a very high female percentage.


And how do you reach out to this target demographic? With a tailor-made influencer campaign engaging the audience on platforms that share high credibility and reach within this target group.


Teens consider Facebook a platform for ’older people’, but can be found on Instagram, YouTube as well as platforms like TikTok and Snapchat.

Did it work?

With our influencer campaigns for the Sims 4, we generated more than 20 million net reach and significantly increased the awareness in our target group.

Nils, Dpty. Managing Director

Utilizing human and 'non-human' influencers

Our communications team took a close look at trending content categories and created a specific channel- and content-strategy to reach and engage girls aged 13-18.


In different theme-based campaigns we collaborated with more than 50 influencers and created credible and unique The Sims-related content. To get the fashionistas involved, popular fashion influencers recreated themselves with their outfit-of-the-day in the game as The Sims characters. The biggest ‘pet-fluencers’ were brought into the game to celebrate the Cats and Dogs expansion.


We celebrated the birthday of The Sims together with TikTok content creators that created unique videos alongside a special anniversary song – of course in the games language ’Simlish’. And speaking of music: Have you already checked out the catchy ’Play with Life’  song?

Similar but different.

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