Client: Electronic Arts

Find your #SimsSelves

Engaging TikTok Communities

Connecting TikTok with the infinite possibilities of The Sims

Almost no other gaming-franchise is as widely known as The Sims by Electronic Arts. It’s been nearly 21 years since the iconic game series made its grand debut and started granting fans the ability to play with life and express themselves in various creative ways.


Together with Electronic Arts we created a national TikTok hashtag-campaign for The Sims as part of the global brand campaign “Find Yourselves” which strongly focused on representing both the brand and everybody’s infinite possibilities to explore and express themselves in the virtual realm.


To successfully convey this message to our youthful and diverse audience we worked with a curated selection of German TikTok-creators who not only fit the brand but furthermore are exemplary in their involvement with their respective communities.

Express yourself

Both campaign and game revolve around topics of self-expression and -exploration outside of prejudice and gender-norms – a perfect fit for the young, straightforward and expressive target group that is Generation Z.

Nils, Dpty. Managing Director

Authentic & diverse: create quality content for Gen Z

Using a TikTok-filter developed by EA and TikTok, we had popular talents JulesBoringLife, Twenty4Tim, MarvynMagnificent, Jeyisbaee, SunnyLove and HannahSitte go on an adventure of self-discovery with out of the box styles such as “Pastel Goth” or “Dadcore”. Their goal was to express their respective style in the most creative way possible – with flashy make-up, an outfit to die for and of course the iconic green Plumbob. As a call-to-action the talents asked their communities to experiment with the filter as well, find their unique selves and share their results worldwide using the #SimsSelves-hashtag-challenge.


By carefully curating those creators whose personalities and creative TikTok-content were nothing but the perfect match for the pitch, we were able to engage over 3,2 Million people in our young target group – and bring The Sims and Gen Z even closer together.

Similar but different.

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