Client: Hatch


Website creation for Angry Birds GO! Turbo Edition


Angry Birds is not just a simple mobile gaming app. Angry Birds is one of the biggest entertainment brands independent of the device. There are only few games which have achieved the same cult status as Angry Birds. It was only a matter of time before this franchise would take the next step. And together with the first 5G mobile gaming streaming provider Hatch, they took it.


Together, Rovio and Hatch developed a unique multiplayer version of the most downloaded kart racing app – Angry Birds GO! exclusively for the Hatch app.  To give fans of the franchise and any interested audience an authentic insight into the game, they needed an original home base, an entertaining subpage on the Hatch website.

The most downloaded kart racing game of all time – just got turbo-charged! Integrating this huge universe into the world of Hatch was a wonderful and exciting task and we are happy to have built a home for all interested fans.

Nils, Dpty. Managing Director

Angry Birds and Hatch: a perfect fit

We focused on creating a landing page that not only gives a feel-good factor to everyone who has accompanied the Angry Birds franchise for a long time, but also creates a base for new fans. Inspired by the original app, we created an immersive and entertaining experience on the Hatch website that conveys the pleasure of the game. And with extensive accompanying PR and social media activities, we were making sure that the game got the awareness it deserves.

Similar but different.

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