Client: Recaro

Communication at eye level

Putting the 'Gaming' into RECARO Gaming

Authentic inspiration - from the target group, for the target group

RECARO is well-known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of sports seats for cars of all kinds and looks back on a tradition of over 100 years. But as a new player in the gaming seat market, it is a special challenge for a premium brand like RECARO to become part of the community.


We developed the brand identity of RECARO Gaming which translates and expresses the DNA of the traditional company into the world of gamers. For the first campaign, it was important to give RECARO Gaming a face and make this high-quality product tangible. For this purpose, we created a social media and public relations campaign including micro-influencers which takes up the many gamer personalities and introduces them over months on all channels.

The best seat in the house

As the ‘new kid on the block’, it is a special challenge for a brand like RECARO to enter the world of gamers. With our #trulyingame campaign, we have taken an important first step for RECARO's awareness in the community.

Timo, Dpty. Managing Director

Are you #trulyingame?

Nothing is more authentic than the recommendation of a friend and this is exactly what the #trulyingame campaign expresses. The ‘wow moment’ when real gamers sit down on the seat for the first time and then talk about their passion, motivation and the feeling of being completely immersed in the game embodies everything that RECARO Gaming stands for.

Similar but different.

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