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Warner Bros. gaming PR & experiential marketing


For over a decade, we have been helping Warner Bros. to raise awareness and sales for all of their videogame releases.


With titles from well-known franchises such as Batman, LEGO, Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, Mortal Kombat or Hitman, expectations and requirements are high regarding the quality and creativeness of the communication to get in touch with core gamers and mainstream audiences alike.


Combine this with the challenging task of having to involve stakeholders such as external licensors, you see that blockbuster PR is not as self-perpetuating as it appears to be.

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In more than 10 years of our relationship, Warner Bros. has been able to evolve itself from ’just another game publisher‘ to one of the most critically - and gamer-acclaimed players of the industry. And we were there to help at each and every step.

Nils, Dpty. Managing Director

A once-in-a-lifetime experience for consumers and opinion leaders Communications covers all aspects of the PR mix with a special emphasis on reaching out to media outside of the core gaming segment (because they write about it anyway). By getting in touch with general interest media with tailor-made campaigns for their specific requirements, we have been able to reach wide audiences beyond the core gaming community.


Our Communications team of gaming, PR, social media, and event specialists has managed to raise the bar continuously for each new release from Warner Bros. – surprising the client, the press, and even the whole gaming industry with innovative campaigns.


Want an example? Look at the time when it came to carrying out the biggest experiential event ever held at the gamescom, the world‘s most important gaming consumer trade show. About 2,000 participants including press contacts, influencers, sales representatives, etc. came together to celebrate the release of ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’. Orc cosplayers, Middle-Earth-inspired catering, a fitting DJ set by Martin Solveig, and a Twitch live stream reaching thousands of additional fans at home, created a Lord of the Rings experience yet to be seen at gamescom.

Similar but different.

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