Client: erfal & eQ3

Smart influencer campaigns for smart products

More awareness through brand cooperations

erfal relies on teamwork for their influencer business

erfal has also recognized that there is almost no way around influencers anymore and that cooperations with the creative minds of the internet are an integral part of a successful marketing mix.


But what to do when know-how and budget are limited? Quite simple: Get good partners on board! And that is exactly what erfal has done. For their first influencer campaign with, they decided on a cooperation campaign together with Homematic IP. The objective was to generate awareness for the smart roller blinds for privacy and sun protection via social media and to inspire new, younger target groups for the products.

Tapping into synergies

Our campaign shows that linking products from the technology and smart home sectors is particularly promising. But also the combination of goods from fashion, beauty, stationery, or the pet sector is particularly efficient.

Kirsten, Dpty. Managing Director

Increasing the potential of influencer marketing through brand cooperations

We at acted as a link between the partnering companies in the campaign ensuring that we found authentic brand ambassadors for each industry with our influencer platform HashtagLove. Already during the registration process, the influencers are tagged with different tags. Thanks to our smart matching logic, we can quickly and efficiently find personalities who match our clients’ requirements.


Through the joint campaign of erfal and Homematic IP, the potential for even more authenticity could be increased. The connection of the products and the resulting content depth offered more opportunities for extensive storytelling. The influencers were able to integrate the products more creatively into their content and to focus on a variety of product aspects.


All parties benefit equally from the aforementioned advantages of a joint collaboration campaign. Obstacles are removed, resources are saved, and reach is increased.


And the approach is sustainable: The next influencer campaign with erfal is already being planned.

Similar but different.

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