Client: Riot Games

Riot Games VALORANT serves Gen Z

Advent calendar creation, ideation, design

Spread Christmas spirit but make it Gen Z

VALORANT’s player audience ranges across multiple age groups, but has a particular concentration in Gen Z. Therefore, at Christmas time we wanted to put out an advent calendar for our client Riot Games that was 100% aimed at the younger generation. Not only in terms of editorial content, but also in terms of visual design and language, everything had to cater to Gen Z’s preferences. Secondly, the German VALORANT agent Killjoy should get the opportunity to connect with the German VALORANT players even more. Besides giveaways and more, there should be strong storytelling running through the advent calendar that is tightly knit around Killjoy. A challenge we couldn’t wait to tackle!

Not only think like Gen Z – be Gen Z!

We are very proud that this new look we have given to VALORANT has resonated 100% with Gen Z as we adapted asset design and phrasing to their current zeitgeist. The outcome: Overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community and maximum fun in our team.

Nathalia, Senior Account Manager

Giving Gen Z exactly the advent calendar they love

After thorough research into what kind of visual design Gen Z’s eyes are “used to”, combined with our experience from VALORANT’s day-to-day community management, we were able to develop the perfect approach to our advent calendar. In order to maintain maximum flexibility in the composition of our assets, we also used 3D models for this project and created visuals that perfectly expressed the intention of the post while of course have never been seen before and will never be again. The whole approach gave the Advent calendar that feeling of maximum exclusivity.


The distribution channels were the social media channels of VALORANT GSA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. On Instagram alone, we were able to gain additional 600,000 reach through the Advent calendar, doubling the total reach compared to a regular month. We were able to increase the overall engagements by 40% as well as a follower growth of 8%. An incredible success!

Similar but different.

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