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It’s not a one-way street

Business Unit: Channel Marketing Technology Systems

Online shopping has left a big mark on the way consumers behave at the offline POS: They expect to get all the information they want before making a purchase decision – in real-time, easy-to-use, and customized to their requirements.

May we present: our skreeens digital signage solution. The skreeens display is an interactive and flexible digital signage solution – for optimizing the customer experience and increase sales at the POS.

skreeens combines a content management system to create and maintain your sales-relevant assets with a tool to distribute this content to various POS displays, and tracking- and reporting functionalities.

skreeens can easily be adapted to the specific requirements of your brand, product or retail partners – whether it’s campaign-related or regional, in real time, store-based or central. It can support the sales personnel in their sales pitch, improve the product experience at the POS, cross-medially extend marketing campaigns or guide customers while browsing for product information. It supports connectivity with various devices such as tablets, scanners, or registers, and touch-and-gesture controls – guaranteeing a perfect user experience.


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