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Boosting sales through reviews

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Consumer opinions are the digital word-of-mouth that people heavily rely upon when making their purchase decisions. A company that is able to activate their loyal community to distribute authentic positive brand messages via ratings, reviews, etc., has a significant advantage over their competitors.

Your goal: Own your user-generated-content, collect and display it at all touchpoints according to your needs, and get relevant business insights.

Our solution: our One2Five review platform. This advanced content moderation hub can be considered as the enabler of your consumer-generated content strategy. As core or gateway, the platform sits between your collection touchpoints and the display and distribution of the content – via website, email, social media, apps, events, and more.

The platform is fully equipped with reporting and analytics functionalities, from A/B campaign testing to ROI analysis, and will keep you always up-to-date on how your brand is performing. We also offer predictive analytics, an intelligent system that suggests the optimal path to reach your goals, based on targets, past achievements, and financial investment.

Our offer includes advice, assessment, and project management as well as technical solutions to collect, moderate, display, and distribute user-generated content. Regardless if you want to start, assess, maintain or optimize your plans, tools and activities, we have the knowledge and resources to support you.

We promise you an individual service that will increase both the quality and quantity of your consumer-generated content such as ratings & reviews, while optimizing your return-on-investment.

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Driving sales through consumer reviews

Boosting the AEG / Electrolux rating & review program

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Review Management HubStrategy

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The 5-star-strategy

The 5-star-strategy

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