Bringing the POS into the home of the customer

Business Unit: AR / VR Labs

Augmented reality isn’t just only about catching fantastic little creatures in the street anymore. It can offer your customers a user experience unseen before, regardless of where they interact with your products. It can bridge the gap between offline and online touchpoints. And it can give your product presentation the one advantageous boost it needs to positively influence the purchase decision.

Take AR-Link, for example: With our browser-based AR solution, you can display your products directly where your customers want to see them: the new coffee machine in their kitchen, the new wheels on their car, or even the hottest fashion in their dressing rooms.

By showing 3D models of your products in actual size and in real-life scenarios, AR-Link lets e-commerce catch up with the store-based retailer business. And all of that straight from your already existing website, without any app!

We can do that. In fact, we are doing that for a bunch of clients already. And we’d be happy to do it for your products, too!

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AR & VRAR-Link


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Extending the product experience with AR

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